BRADLEY A COATES Hawaii Family Law Divorce Attorney on Porn and How it’s Detrimental to Marriages

Pornography. Divorce Attorney, Bradley A. Coates, talks about how porn is just one of the Seven Mega Trends of the New Millennia that is weakening already stressed marriages. Brad will talk about all 7 trends in our upcoming full episode dedicated Discover A Lot More

离婚律师 06 | Divorce Lawyers 06(吴秀波 / 姚晨 / 张萌 / 方中信 领衔主演)

► 播放列表: ► 欢迎订阅: ► 剧情介绍********** 《离婚律师》讲述离异后变身钻石王老五的大律师池海东(吴秀波 饰)与感情受挫的单身女律师罗郦(姚晨 Discover A Lot More