How to File For Divorce in Georgia

Download Forms –

STEP 1 – Download the required Georgia divorce papers

STEP 2 – The person that has decided to file for divorce must fill out the following forms, make 4 copies, and submit to the Georgia County Court Clerk’s Office:

Acknowledgement of Service (spouse must sign if spouse lives in the same county)
Acknowledgement of Service and Waiver of Jurisdiction (spouse must sign if spouse lives in another county from you)
Consent to Trial 31 Days After Service
Domestic Information Worksheet
Domestic Relations Filing Information Form
Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit
Non- Military Affidavit
Parenting Plan
Petition for Divorce
Separation Agreement
Verification Form
Pay Filing Fee

*If you have children, ask the clerk for the parental guidance classes you must attend before receiving your final divorce decree from the Judge. After successful completion, you will receive a certificate that you will need to file with the clerk.

STEP 3 – After you have waited 30 days from the initial filing of your divorce papers in Step 2, you can now request a court hearing date. After you have scheduled a time, you will need to fill out the Georgia Final Judgment and Decree.

STEP 4 – Go to your hearing with the Final Judgment and Decree completed and if you have successfully completed all the steps required the Judge will authorize the Final Judgment.

STEP 5 – File the Domestic Relations Case Final Disposition Info Form and now your divorce in the State of Georgia is complete.

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