Karl Lentz 444 – Mother vs. Father’s rights to kids, child custody, removing people from their case

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Karl Lentz 444 – Mother vs. Father’s rights to kids, child custody, removing people from their case
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12 thoughts on “Karl Lentz 444 – Mother vs. Father’s rights to kids, child custody, removing people from their case

  1. When the pagan common law conflicts with equity equity prevails. The woman has equitable claim to the kids because she bore them … however, under God's Laws ONLY sons and daughters of man qualify to become sons and daughters of God. When the mother raises the children to the detriment of the dad God looks upon the woman as a prostitute and the children as bastards ergo "muslimism". So, common law is God's Law ??? Hmmmm IMAX time!

  2. And they need moms but not dads? This is un-Biblical again! They need their fathers more than they need their mothers. Read the Bible and look at statistics for children who grow up without their mother and the statistics for children who grow up without their father. God commands the father to teach their children among other things. This command is not given to the mother. The man is the head of the home. This is God's way. If the wife wants to leave she forfeits everything. Your idea that the man signs everything away is ungodly and it is not Yahweh's way. Problem is their are few Godly men who actually obey and follow God's plan for the family. Obviously you were not brought up this way since you hold to un-Biblical teaching.

  3. Karl, you are out of your mind if you think being a man means if mom doesn't want daddy around any more you let her go and you move on. You say this is old fashioned? Well you need to go back a few more years buddy. Try the Bible. Try real common law. I cannot believe you espouse this. In the case of adultery the spouse who committed it loses the children and the property (all property). If the wife commits adultery then she loses. It is Biblical that the children stay with the father. This is established fact. Your idea that a real man leaves and the mom carried the child for 9 months IS the new liberal crap. Get a clue!

  4. i remember listening to karl that night on talkshoe, and that is the 1st time i ever heard him starting to raise his voice,

  5. This is not biblical. The father is head of the wife and child. It also contradicts one of his teachings that the child is his property. Even the wife was his property. So that which is proper to man.

    The man just leaving his property doesn't make sense now and contradicts his earlier teachings.

  6. How does i talk with Karl as I can't track him down, I've tried emailing him but he said call me, I did, but nothing?

  7. you dont have any idea why he let it get this out of control? maybe karl doesn't know there are millions of narcissist out there that alienate there kids from the other parent for no reason parental alienation facebook is breeding narcissists

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