Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers – Standard Process for Filing a Divorce in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers

Right Lawyers in Las Vegas specializes in divorce law and has been helping clients protect their rights and assets in court for more than 10 years. Although every divorce is slightly different, there are many steps of the process that remain the same for everyone.

To initiate a divorce, you must file a complaint with the court. This involves filing various forms, paying a fee and submitting your documents to the district court. At this stage, you must list a “grounds for divorce,” meaning you must tell the court why you wish to separate from your spouse.

Then, the court requires that you notify your spouse of the complaint, otherwise known as “serving the defendant.” After you’ve formally notified your spouse, he or she has 20 days to respond to the complaint and can either agree to the terms of your complaint or respond to it.

If you do not receive an answer in the allotted time, the judge may approve your complaint as it is. If you have children, your attorney may file a motion for temporary orders, asking the court for child support and child custody. You may also use this motion to obtain possession of the home, spousal support and compensation for attorney’s fees.

Most often, the court orders the spouses to mediation to discuss the type of custody and visitation rights. If you and your spouse can agree on a time-share of custody, then the court will proceed with dividing the property. However, court intervention often becomes necessary.

Once the issues of child custody and support are concluded, the court will examine your assets, income and debts before dissolving the marriage.

What is the Standard Process for Filing a Divorce in Nevada

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