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If you are looking to retain a lawyer in Oak Hills, California to handle your divorce, our video will help you to better understand how to choose the right law firm for your case.

Once you have considered the relevant factors and have decided to file for divorce from your spouse, you will need to learn how to protect your interests.

GET READY FOR DIVORCE With Legal Bistro Family Lawyers:

1. Think about your children’s well-being first.
You have to come to an agreement with your spouse concerning your children’s Child custody and visitation and Child support/alimony. Don’t let them suffer even more from your negligence and incompetence to settle down the matter.

2. Read as much articles and books on divorce and divorce process as you can, consult an attorney if you don’t understand some matters. Knowledge about the law and court procedures can make what’s coming a little less frightening.

3. Gather information on your finances and assets, property, income and liabilities.
Run a credit report and make copies of your account statements and tax returns, find the values for your cars and house. You can even make a video inventory of the house to be sure you won’t overlook something and thus you’ll have a proof of your words.

4. Assess your personal items.
If there are things that matter to you, that you do not want to lose (pictures, family heirlooms, etc.) – document their existence and remove them to a safe place. Just make sure you are discreet in your actions as you don’t want any more grounds for a pique.

5. Change access to accounts: all your passwords for the email, bank account, pension, etc.
Be sure not to use new ones that are easy to guess.

6. Behave civilly.
Bad or antisocial behavior can turn the favor of the court away from you.

7. Find moral support.
Find a support person. Rarely is clear thinking (or even clear hearing) always present. Your best friend or a close relative may serve as a much needed aide at lawyer meetings and after court appearances.

8. Pick the right lawyer.
Pick the best lawyer for you, the one with whom you are comfortable and who is likely to work effectively in a negotiation with your spouse.

9. Know what you want.
Nothing guarantees a long, drawn out divorce better than the absence of a clear, unchanging set of goals. You need both a wish list and a bottom line.

These are the main points to be considered but for more detailed information you should address an experienced attorney that will help you elaborate your strategy. You can find one on

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